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Automated web scanning powered by
Human knowledge Ethical hacking Security professionals

You will find you critical vulnerabilities & security threats with our Deep Scanning Process

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1. Add your domains

You can also add another assets, like repositories, websites, servers...

2. Discovery phase

With the initial assets from point 1, our tool will search & load all the possible assets.

3. Audit phase

Using all the assets found in point 2, our tool will do security checks that will generate Findings

4. Findings

Found vulnerabilities are notified in Slack & you can also check it in your user space, so you can work to fix them.

Our process never stops


Don't be afraid of new threats

When our Scan & Audit Process comes to its end at point 4, it will start over from the Discovery Phase. So if you introduce new security threats or a new vulnerability appears, it will appear automatically reported on the platform, even if it impact on a new asset.
  • Endless Asset Discovery

    Discover all your public online assets by using our combination of different sophisticated reconnaissance techniques. See what attackers see.

    We discover the assets in:

  • Domain: Enumerate all domanis & subdomains using different techniques
  • Websites: Discover all the websites that are accesible, wich software & versions are using, itt's protocols, URLs...
  • Hosts: List all the servers, it's ervices & versions, open ports & exposure.
  • Repositories: Connect your Version Control Services & import all your repositories to enumerate all the libraries, dependences & software, for later statical code analysis.
  • Certificates: Keep the track of the certificates, it's ciphers, protocols & expiration dates
  • Evolving Security Audits

    Test the security of your assets with the latest vulnerabilities and attack vectors in a continuous and automated way.

    Our platform uses CVE, CWE & CVSS enumeration to reference the kind of vulnerabilities & it's severity, following the industry standards.

    We are constantly updating our databases, so if you get a new vulnerability, you will find it quickly!

  • Clear Vulnerability Management

    Manage all the findings categorized by its severity and focus on what really matters. Findings will automatically be mark as resolved once they are fixed.

  • Quick Audit Reports

    Export audit reports automatically in PDF or HTML for easy security compliance in the click of a button.

Dynamic Scan


Dynamic Application Security Testing

We have two kinds of Dynamic scanning for finding all the vulnerabilities and security threats.


We will


  • Expiration
  • SSL issues


  • Zone transfer
  • Take over
  • Expiration
  • Email (SPF, DMARC & DKIM)


We will




Static Scan


Static Application Security Testing

Dependency vulnerabilities

  • PHP: Composer
  • JavaScript: Yarn
  • Go: Modules

  • Hardcoded
  • Commit history
  • And more...

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Report generation in PDF

Google SSO Integration

Modern UI Design

Infrastucture visualization

Won't have to do anything

Automation Features

Let us work for you

Continuous Discovery & Audit

Fully automated

Slack notifications

Findings marked as resolved when fixed

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